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The building market in Moose Jaw – as well as the rest of southern Saskatchewan – is going well now, and continues to show promise for the future. Quality homes, great renovations, and new commercial buildings are everywhere. The finest builders and those who want quality for their projects are using spray foam from Young Horse Spray Foam! We offer insulation with the highest R-value per inch. Professionally installed, mold resistant, and able to seal out the worst of winter, use the best product available – use spray foam.

Spray foam is a clean choice for insulation because it doesn’t offer a friendly environment for rodents or insects to live. Foam is the best choice for wood basements, old and new basements, and joist ends, where a good seal is almost impossible to get with standard poly vapour barriers. Spray foam can provide your home with a vapour barrier that mice, crickets, and even maple bugs won’t penetrate and it meets the standards of the Canadian building code.

Foam is light weight and works well in closed trailers, horse trailers, and ice fishing shacks. Our spray foam adds up to 30 percent of structural integrity to wood structures. At Young Horse Spray Foam, we offer foam that can be sprayed into attics to give the same ability to seal your attic as you can get for your walls and still maintain to the required airflow in your attic.

Gaco 183M-CAM

Gaco 183M-CAM from Gaco Western is a two component HFC-blown (zero ozone-depleting) liquid spray systems that cures to a medium-density rigid cellular polyurethane insulation material. We offer this product to ensure optimal thermal performance, air impermeable insulation, and an integral part of an air barrier assembly.


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Young Horse Spray Foam is a certified installer and supplier of Poly-Source products. Poly-Source provides top solutions for spray foam, pour foam, and elastomeric coatings. With our comprehensive installation services, we will make sure your home is warm, dry, and protected during any given season. We have you covered.

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